Matthew L Daniel
1770 Post ST #340
San Francisco, CA 94115 USA

Educational Background


Software Methodologies: Agile, Test Driven Development (TDD), UML
Source Control: Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Subversion
Java: Java SE 7, Java EE 6 (EJB, MDB, Servlet, Resource Adapter), Maven 3 (use and plugin creation), Spring 3, JAX-B, JAX-RS, JAX-WS
Javascript: Angular.js, Casper.js, Jasmine, jQuery, Phantom.js, Require.js, Testacular
Integration: REST, SOAP, WSDL, WS-I, XML, XML Schema (XSD), XML Stylesheet (XSL, XSLT), XPath, XQuery
Application Server: Glassfish, Jetty, Tomcat
Database: Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server
Operating System: GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, Windows

Professional Experience

  1. Radius Intelligence, Inc. Lead Software Engineer
    ( Oct, 2013Present ) San Francisco, CA, US
    • Converted Hive queries to Cascading for increased testability and greater reuse
    Guidewire Software, Inc. Senior Software Engineer
    ( Jun, 2012Oct, 2013 ) Foster City, CA, US
    • Replaced Spring MVC with JAX-RS to expose REST semantics previously buried under Spring MVC controllers
    • Championed use of AngularJS as MVVM framework where possible
    • Leveraged Chrome Frame detection and installation script to reduce "wrong browser" support tickets
    • Migrated project from Perforce to Git to ease branch creation and facilitate local file state reporting; history was preserved through git-p4
    • Published multiple documents on the group's Confluence site describing release processes, best practices, getting started with Git, deployment guides and any other helpful bit of knowledge
  2. Guidewire Software, Inc.Senior Solution Developer
    ( May, 2009Jun, 2012 )Paris, FR
    • Established required infrastructure, including Subversion, WebDAV, mailing lists, and release processes
    • Automated the release notes document creation process by interfacing with Perforce (via P4Java API) and merging in Word 2010 OpenXML (.docx) for the verbiage; significantly reduced the laborious and tedious manual steps
    • Increased my working knowledge of French to participate in business discussions and conduct independent requirements research in French
    • Developed French insurance modules to allow ClaimCenter to be more quickly adopted by French customers
    • Assisted 3rd party vendor in understanding the complexities of XML Schema, XML document validation, WS-Security and also made recommendations on how best to manage the Schema API across their releases
    • Introduced the France team to boba tea
  3. Guidewire Software, Inc.Senior Integration Architect
    ( Jun, 2008Feb, 2009 )Auckland City, Auckland, NZ
    • Created proof of concept for auto-provisioning users in ClaimCenter upon first login
    • Created proof of concept for branding ClaimCenter by agent, user or other business criteria
    • Created proof of concept for invoking GScript unit tests (GUnit) from continuous integration
    • Created proof of concept for authenticating intra-JVM SOAP calls
    • Conducted integration training for Lumley personnel on ClaimCenter 5.0
    • Lead the initiative to enumerate the policy search and retrieve scenarios
    • Lead the initiative to create use case specification for all financial transactions involving ClaimCenter
    • Worked tirelessly with the Guidewire head-office to drive out product bugs via reproducible test cases
    • Developed a configuration process improvement to make upgrades easier;published this finding for peer review
    • Enhanced the upgrade process to better integrate the changes with Subversion; published this finding for peer review
  4. Guidewire Software, Inc.Integration Architect
    ( May, 2007Jun, 2008 )Sydney, NSW, AU
    • Conducted integration training for Suncorp personnel on PolicyCenter 2.0
    • Consulted with Suncorp Strategy and Architecture team on the use of Xen virtual servers for hosting the project build machine, wiki, business analyst PolicyCenterregion and all of the development workstations (all running RedHat Enterprise Linux)
    • Produced the initial proof of concept of the aforementioned virtualisationstrategy, including access via Microsoft Remote Desktop from Suncorp standard desktops
    • Configured workstation images for use as PolicyCenter development machine
    • Liaised extensively with all manner of Suncorp teams to gather requirements,collect technical details and reduce risk and apprehension
    • Created an automation script for Internet Explorer on Linux for use in continuous build cases
    • Championed the use of GScript for integration code to increase project visibility of that logic
    • Wrote integration between PolicyCenter and Suncorp services for the following points:
      • Mapping between PolicyCenter and Suncorp policy XML Schema
      • LDAP authentication against Suncorp Active Directory
      • Policy Number generation
      • Verification of Australian Business Number (ABN) via government web-service
      • Document Production via Suncorp web-service
      • Upload of policy snapshot to legacy system via Suncorp web-service
      • Rating engine via Suncorp web-service, including premium override conversational logic
    • Created service stubs for testing the above integration points
    • Assisted with PolicyCenter configuration activities
    • Provided knowledge transfer to Suncorp personnel
    • Conducted a second integration training for Suncorp personnel on ClaimCenter
    • Created HTML-level annotation script to enable the BA/SME team to visualize the field mapping for the on-screen elements
  1. ADP, Inc.Senior Programmer/Analyst
    ( Aug, 2006Feb, 2007 )Alpharetta, GA, US
    • Championed the use of Trac+Subversion as a collaboration tool to replace ClearCase
    • Upgraded existing ant and Eclipse build system to use continuous integration techniques and Maven 2
    • Promoted software engineering best practices within the team and the organization
    • Led the persistence framework migration from Oracle TopLink to EJB 3.0 (JPA)
    • Promoted and led the implementation of two separate levels of software testing